Gallery: Chi Nei Tsang internal organs massage seminar

Chi Nei Tsang internal organs massage seminar sponsored by INAM Philippines, an NGO that services
the disadvantaged population of the country. There were 8 blind/visually impaired masseurs, 7 women from Bulacan (fisherfolk), 5 acupuncturists, and several laypeople who are interested in healing and self-development. It was a 2-day seminar (from 8 to 6).

One time, I was teaching a qigong movement with the hand. I said, Start from 12 o’clock, move to 3 and then 6, up to 9 and back to 12. I realized later on, when I got a feedback, that the blind have not seen a clock, they have no idea of how it looks. They perceive time in terms of movement and light, the chirping of the birds, and the humming of the earth.

So when I taught an abdominal manipulation I asked them to put their hands over mine. What an experience!

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