Peru Photo Gallery

When I left Peru in May 2014, I could not find my camera. I reported the loss to the hotel management and asked them to conduct an investigation. I could not remember where I put it when I left for the airport but later, it occurred to me that the last time I had it, I put it inside the luggage that I deposited with the hotel staff while I was waiting for limousine service. I got in touch with the tour company and told them about the “lost” camera. Things began to move fast. Soon, I heard from the hotel: they told me that they were looking into the matter. In a matter of days, they “found” the camera and shipped it to me. Well, here are some of the other photos not included in my previous posting.

The photos do not come in particular sequence. However, they include some taken in Machu Picchu and some in Lake Titicaca. I took the group tour with a few people on the first day in Machu Picchu. On the second day, I woke up early and took the 6 am bus from Aguas Calientes to the temple site. When I arrived, the mountain was still covered with fog. So these photos are from the 2 days I was there.

A couple of photos taken from the plane of the legendary Nazca Lines. Sorry that they are not that clear. It was difficult to focus the camera when the airplane was veering here and there on an angle.

A few photos show Qigong postures (Heaven, Humanity and Earth) that I often do when I am doing a ritual in a sacred place. There is nothing difficult about the practice: if you are interested, all you have to do is stand in that posture, breathe softly, quiet down and wait for the energy to come to you. I have described the procedure in my short essay “Opening the Body to Nature.”

There’s a photo of me swimming in Lake Titicaca. The tour group was having lunch on top of Tanguile when I told the guide that I was going to jump in.

Peru-Machu-Picchu-Mountain-and-Sun-in-Sea-of-Clouds Peru-Machu-Picchu-Mountain-in-mist-___ Peru-Machu-Picchu-Huayna-Picchu-in-Mist-2 Peru-Machu-Picchu-Sea-of-Clouds Peru-Machu-Picchu-tourists-in-fog Peru-Machu-Picchu-Llama-in-mist-1-___ Peru-Machu-Picchu-Tourists-in-the-mist-2-1 Peru-Machu-Picchu-Llama-in-Mist-5-___ Peru-Machu-Picchu-Sacred-Rock Peru-Machu-Picchu-RN-Heaven-2 Peru-Machu-Picchu-Temple-of-the-Sun-2 Peru-Machu-Picchu-RN-Humanity Peru-Machu-Picchu-RN-Earth Peru-Taquile-Island-summit-1 Peru-Lake-Titicaca-hostess-1 Peru-Lake-Titicaca-children-(2)-1 Peru-Nazca-Lines-Hummingbird-2 Peru-Nazca-Lines-Huge-hands Peru-Nazca-Lines-Condor Peru-Lake-Titicaca-RN-in-Water---- Peru-Lake-Titicaca-RN-in-water-3

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