Bali – Temples / Lotuses

I’ve been to Tanah Lot by the sea, Purah Besakih/Mother Temple on the side of Mount Agung and Tirta Enpul, the spring temple. Tanah Lot, the temple on the ocean, becomes accessible usually in late afternoon and at sunset, when the sea recedes and the land emerges from the water. It is, to me, one of the most sacred places in all Indonesia. Continue reading “Bali – Temples / Lotuses”

From the Cave of the Dreaming Dragon*

Before everything else, let me provide the links to some of my poetry published in two recent journals, one poem in the first and 4 in the second. I was surprised to read a couple of comments about me from two authors.


We’re all busy at this time late in the year, I am sure. I’ve been busy myself. Continue reading “From the Cave of the Dreaming Dragon*”

July 2016 News

Summer now and there’s a lot more to do.
I’ve read some books, a few by Joseph Campbell on mythology, some about the Tibetan yoga of death and dying and dreams. I am just about to finish a manual on how to access the Akashic Records: I had heard about the technique back in Cairo in the millennium when I was actively teaching in Egypt. And then there’s Susan Brind Marrow’s impressive “The Dawning Moon of the Mind: Unlocking The Pyramid Texts” that I read and re-read. I had been to Saqqara but I did not know the texts existed. Continue reading “July 2016 News”