I have known Rene for at least 15 years. He is, among many other things, an accomplished teacher, experienced martial artist, Qigong master, compassionate healer, philosopher, and poet, and thus truly both the ideal Renaissance man and ideal Confucian scholar-gentleman. I myself have taught Chinese medicine extensively around the world and can say that I am deeply impressed with Rene’s depth of knowledge and his willingness to share it with all his students and colleagues. Don’t miss an opportunity to study with him!”

Henry McCann, DAOM, LAc, Dipl OM
Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Faculty, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine
Faculty, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine Doctoral Program
Head Lecturer, Cork Institute for Post Graduate Acupuncture (Ireland)
Author, Pricking the Vessels: Bloodletting Therapy in Chinese Medicine

I first met Renee at NESA. He taught a TCM continueing education series for prospective students, I was entertaining the idea at the time of becoming an acupuncturist. I truely enjoyed his warm, genuine nature and his attention and respect for TCM. After the class I was sold, I knew acupuncture was a perfect fit for me thanks to Rene.”

Stephen Cina Lic. Ac., ATC, ACSM H/FS
Faculty/Chair of the Orthopedic Acupuncture Department at NESA
Owner of Total Wellness Clinic in Brighton, MA
Acupuncture Researcher Massachusetts General Hospital

I first met Rene while in school at the New England School of Acupuncture. His depth of understanding, both theoretical and experiential concerning traditional medicine in its multiple forms, especially qi gong and martial arts, is very deep and comprehensive. I had the honor of being a student when he taught a qi gong form and the Buddha-palm exercises there which continue to be beneficial in my practice to this day. I highly recommend him to any who wish to expand their understanding and practice of this medical form.”

Jim Chaffee MAOM M Div

Rene is the most gifted teacher and healer I’ve ever known. He is wise and well-rounded, grounded in reality and capable of great flights of spirit. Rene is the real deal. He knows the full curriculum. Studying with him gives an insider’s line to the best teachings in the world. If you choose to train with Rene, expect your life to be altered. He is a dragon, after all.”

Jessica Sommar
Teacher of Classical Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan and Daoyin in Hangzhou, China.
Studying/training with Rene over 10 years: tai chi (three fist forms and three weapons forms), the
Healing Tao curriculum, DragonWell Qigong, Bamboo Qigong, Taoist Neigong practices and acupuncture,
moxa applications, herbs, Chi Nei Tsang and other healing modalities.

Rene Navarro is a very unique teacher in that he understands both the health aspects as well as the martial aspects of his material. Rene has been training for many years and can infect you with the same attitude towards internal cultivation on many levels. If you have a chance to study with Rene, grab it. Teachers of his caliber come around only rarely.
You will not be disappointed.
Be well, train hard”

Dale Dugas
Certified Jiulong Baguazhang Instructor
Dit Da Jow Master Brewer
Acupuncture/Herbal Medicine Master’s Program Student
Boston Baguazhang
Combat Iron Palm& Iron Vest Association

I have had the good fortune of working with Rene for the past 14 years. The amazing breadth of his knowledge of the martial and healing arts is matched by his generosity in sharing it. To watch him perform any Tai Ji Chuan or Shaolin Kung Fu form is to witness an authentic lineage forged in thousands of hours of practice… beauty and grace married with precision and effectivity. Rene truly embodies his 45 years of experience in martial arts and Taoist practices.

Because he is a seeker as well as a practitioner, Rene has been able to distill the many teachings he’s encountered from many masters as well as the written classic texts. He has separated the clear from the turbid, the wheat from the chaff and offers pure gems to his students to polish with their own disciplined practice. He teaches with boundless patience and opens generously to those willing to take his offerings and use them for their own development. He has been a corner stone to my development as a healer and a well-rounded human being.”

Karen Borla, L.Ac., M.Ac.
Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM)
Owner Quan Yin Healing Arts
Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

I’ve known Rene Navarro as a qigong teacher (at New England School of Acupuncture), an elder kung fu-brother (at Gin Soon Tai Chi Club) and an friend and advisor for over 10 years. Rene is a rare mix of healer, martial artist, student, master, and life-longer learner. He is passionate about the arts, having been involved in them for over 40 years. He still travels the globe on learning and teaching adventures and has met and studied with some of the most respected martial artists, healers and taoist masters in the world.

When I have had questions along the path it has always been reassuring that I could always ask Rene for advice or his thoughts. I know him to have inspired many of my acupuncture colleagues in the path of the healer and in self-cultivation. Rene is a rare and precious treasure. Anyone who has the chance to study with him is indeed lucky to have found a knowledgeable, generous and skilled teacher.”

Mike Arsenault, Lic. Ac
Internal Arts Acupuncture, Ipswich, MA
Owner of Emily Skin Soothers, Inc
Acupuncturist at Winchester Hospital, Winchester, MA

Over a few years, being based in the south of England, I was fortunate to have regular access to Rene during his regular visits to London at that time, and studied the classical Yang family long solo form, spear, broadsword and pushing hands. On the surface, it appears that I studied those forms, but beneath the surface, I find he was sharing a more complete understanding. This often took the form of supplementary exercises, drills or Qi Gong, but might also be the imparting of a broader point of view. For example, given a martial form, I found that Rene could also describe or demonstrate the healing or cultivation applications as well as the martial ones. One is not a slave to the form, nor to a fixed interpretation of it.

As a teacher, I would say Rene is a traditionalist: with him you learn the material properly, in detail, over a period of time, and with due regard to order and lineage. Yet in many ways, his approach seems very modern and free: as a student, he expects you to be intelligent, to practice and to be in charge of shaping your own development. I believe this is the example he sets too; he teaches as a practitioner, not just a teacher. One senses that he is as engaged and excited by the practice of these arts as the day he first started, if not more so. For me he has been influential in many ways.”

Myles Dunlop